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Pipe Belt Conveyor (PDT)

Pipe belt conveyor is intended for conveying of loose and pebble materials and works on the principle of the closing of upper and lower parts of belt in a pipe shape and protects transported material against external environment (rain, snow, air humidity, etc). It removes also a usual problem of ordinary belt conveyor, i.e. dirtying of area below the whole length by dust crumbling from the lower face of conveyor belt. Circular shape of belt enables a path line with curves in vertical and also horizontal axis. Maximal temperature of conveying material is up to 150 °C. Pipe belt conveyor is sometimes called as flexopipe.

Dimensions and parameters:

Belt width 
Pipe diameter
Conveying rate *
Grain size 
500 120 35 30
600 150 45 50
780 200 80 70
1000 250 140 90
1100 300 160 100
1300 350 220 120
1600 400 350 140
1900 500 460 180

* Q/m3/h at conveying speed of 1 m/s.


  • Parameters data of conveying rate incl. grain size are only mentioned for preliminary information and required anyway technical analysis and calculation.
  • A minimal conveyor axis distance of 70 m is recommended.
  • Belt tensioning is always of gravitation type.

Conveyor manufacturer

Depending on the kind of pipe belt conveyor (flexopipe) used, materials can be made to travel in a horizontal, inclined or declined pattern. Kesner a.s. company - a leading belt conveyor supplier - is famous for the production and supply of belt conveyor tailored to the specification and parameters of the customer.


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Remark:   Inquiry does not contain any requested data on signaling and safety elements by reason that we do not offer the delivery of electrical and control equipment for the conveyor. As offer/delivery is put into effect, we fully provide technical support and coordination with the supplier, incl. delivery of fastening accessories on conveyor.

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