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2-way Diverting Flap Gate (USK)

2-way diverting flap gate is intended for diverting the flow of loose or partially pebble materials, i.e. directing the flow of conveyed material alternatively to one of the two outlet ways. Diverting gates are off ered from material such as ordinary steel, also as a combination with wear resistant steel or stainless steel. Diverting gates are fabricated also in non-standard dimensions, which are adapted to erection and connecting dimensions. Drive of diverting gate can be manual, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic.

Dimensions and parameters:

Gate throughput cross-section
Conveying rate
Grain size
200 x 200 According to the selected type range and on the basis of calculation.
250 x 250
320 x 320
400 x 400
500 x 500
630 x 630
800 x 800


  • Dimension of 2-way diverting flap gate and parameters of volume throughput incl. grain size are subject to technical analysis and calculation.


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